Exclusive: WordPress Remote Poster script

The following WordPress Remote Posting script is an exclusive script. It was planned, written, tested and distributed through this web site.

There are so many people out there asking for alternatives to POSTIE (another leading WordPress application that allows you to post to your blog via an email instead of having to log in and manually create a posting). Until now there really hasn’t been an alternative to remotely post to WordPress blogs and it seems like, from what others have complained about in forums, this is a problem. The ability to remotely post to WordPress via email makes blogging much more mobile. Anyone who has used POSTIE knows it barely works and when it does, it really messes up the data being passed to WordPress. In absolute frustration with POSTIE not working the way it should, I decided to design my own application to do it for me. After getting it to the point where it did everything I needed to do the idea, I decided to generalize the script and add more security so it can be released to all WordPress users.

About the Ask-A-Geek WordPress Remote Poster script:
The WordPress Remote Poster allows anyone to post to their WordPress sites using nothing more than email and shortcodes. When a specially written email is written and sent to a private email address, the script reads the email and posts it to your WordPress site automatically.

This allows you to post to your site from anywhere and anytime as long as you have internet access. Writing multiple posts at the same time? No problem! The Ask-A-Geek WordPress Remote Poster can handle numerous posts in the same email to make posting to WordPress even easier. It can also process multiple emails at the same time, too!

The script offers the following features:
Easy configuration (all set up in the Perl file itself, no need for a web interface)
Full documentation with examples so you learn how to configure it and how to make it work
Allows multiple blog posts to exist in the same email and have them post separately
Allows multiple emails to be scanned, parsed, and posted at the same time
Contains the following shortcodes (title, tags, categories and post)
Shortcode integrity checker (optional: when activated it checks to make sure all shortcodes are where they should be)
Shortcodes can exist ANYWHERE inside the individual post to make life easier
Server archiving of posts (optional: creates a text file of all posts created by this WordPress Remote Poster)
Ability to run as a cronjob or manually through a browser
Email junk filtering (if posting from a free email client or phone that inputs advertisements in the text, this blocks EVERYTHING)
Email confirmation (optional: send yourself an email confirmation every time a set of posts is created)
It works! All features have been tested thoroughly. You won’t have problems with tags or categories not showing up.

Script requirements:
The script uses Perl meaning the web host needs to have Perl running on their system.

The script uses two Perl modules that have to be installed or referenced in a library (WWW::Mechanize, Mail::POP3Client).

Script download:
Download the script free
View the documentation

Script Hosting:
As an option to the free download we offer monthly/yearly hosting of the script for those that don’t want to set it up or don’t have the proper server requirements. We do all the configurations and set aside a special spot on our servers just for you. We’re also available for assistance whenever you need us.

Current hosting plans are as follows:Script hosting only without server backups: $1 per month or $5 yearly.
Script hosting only with server backups: $2 per month or $10 yearly.
Script hosting WITH an email address and server backups: $5 per month or $50 per year

These prices are for script hosting only. The WordPress Remote Poster script is completely free of charge.

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