Ask A Geek started as web site allowing users to send their questions in via email and have their questions answered and posted to the web site. It didn’t take long before the popularity of Ask A Geek took off and the site has to be restructured from the ground up. Due to the overwhelming number of questions, Ask A Geek became a one-stop portal allowing anyone to post questions or provide answers.

Ask A Geek is more than a technical web site- it as a portal connecting users with technical questions or problems to real world experts (geeks) who want to share knowledge and experience. If you have come here with a question to Ask A Geek, please sign up and post your question to the global pool of experts! Sign up is quick, free and mostly painless. But most of all you get personalized help with your technical questions.

Are you a Geek? There are many ways to help out and gain experience and recognition yourself. For starters you can sign up and start answering the many questions posted on Ask A Geek. If you are adept at writing, feel free to start writing and posting tutorials/FAQs/guides on anything technical. If you find yourself with a bunch of gadgets and toys you’ve purchased or used and want to share your opinions on products or services, there’s a section for that, too!

Why become a Geek? Because Geeks love to share their knowledge and Ask A Geek is a great place to connect Geeks with people who need help. There are other benefits to becoming a Geek: gain recognition, increase knowledge and experience, retain full credit of guides and reviews with beneficial linkbacks, enter in Ask A Geek contests to win great prizes, free or less expensive advertising on Ask A Geek, and get that really good feeling you get when you know you helped make someone’s day! When you’re a Geek people respect you and with your knowledge and experiences you SHOULD be respected. Sign up and become a Geek TODAY!

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