Ask-A-Geek Exclusive: Hanayama Cast Metal NEWS puzzle solution

Hanayama makes some really good puzzles. Most of them are on the “easy” end and the Cast Metal NEWS puzzle is one of those (even though it’s rated a difficulty level of 6). This is one of those puzzles that have little replay value. Once the puzzle is solved the NEWS puzzle is no longer a puzzle at all but more of an evil toy to give to puzzle lovers so you can watch the agony they go through trying to solve it.


Everyone solves the Cast NEWS puzzle on accident. No one can tell you with a straight face they solved it based on logic that wasn’t presented to them. What makes the Hanayama Cast Metal NEWS puzzle different from other puzzles is everything is on the inside. You never get to see the mechanics of the puzzle until it is solved. This goes back to why solving it is always on accident and is usually done by getting frustrated with trying to solve the puzzle you just end up putting it on the desk and spinning it. You can’t visibly see what makes the puzzle pieces locked together while the puzzle is intact.

There are two solutions to the Cast NEWS puzzle. The solution everyone comes across and the Ask-A-Geek exclusive.

 The generic solution:
Step 1: Lay the puzzle flat on the table
Step 2: Spin the puzzle with a fair amount of force
Step 3: Carefully flip the puzzle over so its flat on the other side. Be certain you only tip one side of the puzzle during the flip.
Step 4: Spin the puzzle again with a fair amount of force.
Step 5: Pick up the top piece (the one with the N and S is the top). It should pull out smoothly.

If it doesn’t work you may have accidently tipped the puzzle on both sides when you flipped it over. You may also not have spun it hard enough during either of the two spins. Make sure you spin it with enough force so the pins inside can move.

The Ask-A-Geek Exclusive solution:
Step 1: Put the puzzle on its SIDE so it is sitting up right. It doesn’t matter which side is up or down
Step 2: Spin the puzzle with a good amount of force such that the puzzle tips over and continues to spin when it falls flat
Step 3: Pick up the top piece (the one with the N and S is the top). It should pull out smoothly.

If this doesn’t work, simply try it again with more force. Watch the simple, yet elegant, video of this solution.


Video on YouTube 

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