Product Review: Kill-A-Watt Power Strip (P4320)

If you are working in a company that plans to go green, the idea of watt-reader to see how much power particular devices are running seems like a great idea.  Knowing how many watts a device uses can help determine better alternatives. Or if you are experiencing power problems at home they can come in handy to see if you’re using too much power and need to put in an extra breaker.

The device being reviewed today is the Kill-A-Watt Power Strip P4320.  The company I am currently with purchased about a dozen of these in a plan to see how much power our service room was using to see if more power was needed.  Out of the box, two of the units were dead on arrival. One wouldn’t power on and the other flashed “replace” endlessly.

The company didn’t put up a hassle during the return of two of the Kill-A-Watt power strips and were happy to replace them.  A couple months later they all began to drop off.  We’ve been using these for about 7 months and all but two have had to be replaced at least once.  None of them stopped powering up after use but they all started blinking “replace” and had to get replaced by the company we purchased them from.

With the shotty craftsmanship aside, the Kill-A-Watt Power Strips are extremely bulky and are not built with the consumer in mind.  They will have to be put on the ground due to the amount of space they take up and even on the floor they are extremely bulky and ugly to look at.

One feature that would have been nice is an individual plug reader. It reads everything as a sum instead of offering the option to break it down into particular devices.  You can still plug in one device at a time to see what resources it uses so if this is a feature you’re looking for you’re going to have to look at a different product line.

All in all I can’t suggest this product to anyone.  It simply doesn’t work the way it should and others shouldn’t be wasting their money on a product that isn’t going to last.

To read other people’s review on this specific Kill-A-Watt Power Strip, please visit at—Watt/dp/B000UKSESK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1299620105&sr=8-4.

Hope this helps
Signed, The Geek

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