OSI Layer  Description
 Application  User authentication, software communication
 Presentation  Determines data formats and encryption (ie: JPG, ASCII)
 Session  Defines how to start, end and control conversations
 Transport  Error recovery, data delivery, flow control
 Network   Logical addressing, routing, path determination
 Data Link  Defines rules/protocols for when devices can send its data over mediums and defines format of headers and trailers
 Physical  Cables, lights, electricity, etc.


 OSI Layer  Protocol/Specs  Devices
 Application/Presentation/Session  Telnet, FTP, HTTP, VoIP, POP3, SMTP  IDS, Firewall
 Transport  TCP, UDP
 Network  IP  Router
 Data Link  HDLC, PPP, IEEE, Frame Relay  WAP, Switch, Modem
 Physical  RJ-45, IEEE  Hub, Repeater
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