Chapter 2 – How to run Perl

This quick guide was written towards Windows users.  Some modifications will have to be done for Linux or Mac users but this guide should still cover the basics.

Step 1:
Right click on Dekstop and select New>Text document

Step 2:
Rename the file as test.p;. PL is the Perl file extension.

Step 3:
Double click and enter the Perl codes as you see below. (start at the top of the document)

Step 4:
Click on your Start menu and click Run.  Type in cmd or command depending what version of Windows you are running.  Click enter.

Step 5:
If you are not on the Desktop, you need to navigate the command line until you’re on the desktop.

Step 6:
To run a perl script, you need to type in perl filename.  In our example, is our filename so we type in perl  Click enter and the script should run.

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